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Golden Planet

We are a Canadian travel company, specialized in organizing small group tours as well as private tours to destinations that are less-traveled but have hidden gems and forgotten treasures. Our team has been in the travel industry for the last 19 years. We’re driven by our love of travel, our fascination with the countries we’re privileged to visit and our delight in sharing them with you. We are based in Newmarket, north of Toronto, Ontario and we offer service to our travelers and clients who travel with us from all around the world.  

We Are Travel Experts

Well Designed Itineraries

In knowledge of the destination and of the subject matter of the tour, the outcome of assiduous research and many years of thought and experience, our itineraries are second to none. They have been researched and tested in reality. They are original, well-paced and carefully balanced. Meticulous attention to practical matters ensures a smooth-running experience.

Unique, Authentic Local Experience

Since our tours are all crafted and designed by local experts, our goal and commitment is to put you in an atmosphere that you can personally feel and experience authentic, local culture: something unique and special. Local flavours and cuisine is a part of this experience. In some of our tours, we invite locals to talk about and engage you in a new subject or activity.

Excellent Guides

One of the main ingredients of the recipe for a great tour is the leadership, knowledge and charm of a great guide. Our guides have been hand-picked locally and their role in a tour is to enlighten and stimulate, not merely to inform – and they also have to be great traveling companions. We select our guides through reputation plus audition and provide them with guidelines and training.

Right Choice for Accommodations

We choose hotels that give you great memories of your stay in a new destination away from home. We always do our best to look for hotels that give you a taste of local culture and architecture, when possible. The Golden planet staff test and stay in any hotel we choose for our tours before our clients stay there to make sure they qualify our standards.

Excellent Tours for Solo Travellers

We welcome people traveling on their own. Our tours are excellent for them, as many of our clients testify. There are usually several solo travelers in our tours. Many make their friends of a lifetime on one of the Golden planet tours.

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